The term "Safety" is a common descriptive word used in our industry, however, it is important to define what an organization is doing to ensure that the safety of all passengers, staff, and all those sharing the roadways are protected.

At New Jersey LimoBus & Limousine, safety remains one of our top priorities, and we don't use this term lightly, we take very specific steps every single day of the year to make certain that safety is paramount. We would like to share some of those steps with you:

The Drivers (Operators)

Every driver that is employed by New Jersey LimoBus & Limousine is experienced and provides a past employment history, 5 year driver abstract from the Motor Vehicle Commission, has been screened by our own insurance company, and has the proper State issued license(s) to operate various vehicles. Drivers also participate in drug and alcohol screening, and each driver must comply with medical certificates. Our drivers are then trained on the policies, procedures, and standards of our organization. Our training program consists of a concentration in safe driving skills and client-centered, customer service.

Prior to each vehicle departing the premise, it is the responsibility of each driver to complete a standardized pre-inspection sheet. At the conclusion of the ride, a post-trip inspection sheet is also completed and identifies any issues pertaining to the vehicle.

The Servers (Hosts/Hostesses)

On most party bus rides, there is a server in the cabin of the vehicle. This person is there to assist you and your party, and to make the experience more enjoyable and luxurious. Upon hire, each server must participate in an interview process which includes providing information about previous employment and are informed as to their job responsibilities and the company's procedures and high standards. Our servers not only welcome and greet guests and operate electronic equipment (assuring that it is operated with ease and not damaged) and make certain that the cabin of the vehicle is tidy for everyone's enjoyment and safety. Servers may make an introductory safety announcement at the beginning of a ride, and work to ensure that the no-smoking policy is strictly enforced for the health and safety of all guests and staff. The server also observes and reports any behavior that may be unruly or dangerous.

The Maintenance & Mechanical Staff

Our organization remains pro-active in accident prevention and safety is a primary focus. We address any issues before they become serious issues. This focus is centered upon an experienced and motivated staff that remains very pro-active about maintaining the safety of each vehicle and troubleshooting any potential issues that are noted before they develop into problems. They perform maintenance inspections including brake systems, suspension and drive train, a thorough check of the heating and air conditioning systems, inspection of all tires and a review of oil and air lines. Each bus is inspected in detail and we replace critical parts long before necessary. This special attention to preventative maintenance is part of the reason for which we have such a low rates of on-road problems in the industry. Our vehicles are also tracked on a computer system that alerts staff as to when maintenance updates need to be made. This system is quite helpful in making certain that all vehicles exceed safety standards and operate with excellence and precision. Our staff works daily in sun, rains, snow, and sleet to not only guarantee that the appearance of the vehicles are pristine but that they are running correctly and safely. Our maintenance staff systematically inspects, repairs, and maintains all of our fleet to be safe and in proper operating condition.

Special Safety Equipment

Our fleet is equipped with EOBRD/GPS: Electronic On-Board Recording Devices/Global Positioning Satellite. Each vehicle has a recording device that is locked into the engine of the vehicle that tracks the vehicle turn by turn, minute-to-minute and is logged into a central reporting system. This modern technology ensures that the activity of the drivers is more accurate. Dispatchers are also able to track location of vehicles and maintenance is able to troubleshoot engine problems by computer.

How do we rate?

New Jersey LimoBus & Limousine has participated in three audits by the Department of Transportation (D.O.T) in recent years. In all three audits, we were awarded a score of satisfactory.

We have also had three inspections/audits by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). We are proud to report that we received a rating of satisfactory, the highest rating afforded by their federal rating system, and met all safety standards and requirements.

All of our vehicles are properly insured and inspected by the Department of Transportation and Motor Vehicle Commission.

New Jersey LimoBus & Limousine implements a drug and alcohol testing program outlined by the Department of Transportation, and takes compliance with this program very seriously.

In the event of emergencies, we have a communication plan and call list, and additionally have a plan in place to change to a different vehicle if necessary.

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