Why You Should See the Limo Before Booking for Prom

There are so many limousine and party bus companies in New Jersey and New York City that it's often hard to make a decision for what company to go with for your prom transportation needs. Some prom transportation companies in the area boast that they have the cleanest, state-of-the-art fleet around, only for their customers to be let down due to uncleanly vehicles and poor customer service.


What to Check For

When you arrive at the limo company's location, ask the driver to turn on the car and play some tunes. Walk around the cabin to make sure all speakers are working -- you want to ensure that your teen and their friends are experiencing all the listed amenities to the fullest. Check to make sure all the LED lighting features and TVs are working as well as the coolers and iPod connectors.

Why Choose NJ Limo Bus

At NJ Limo Bus, we believe that after making a decision on a prom transportation company and contacting them, it's important to ask if you can stop by to look at all the vehicles.

All of our vehicles are in mint condition and are meticulously cleaned after every use -- you won't even know another group was there. We pride ourselves in always rotating out our old stretch limousines and party buses with the latest and greatest models, so you'll be happy to find that we have loaded up our fleet with great amenities.

Thinking about renting a limousine or party bus for your teen this season? Contact us today and we'd be more than happy to show you around our beautiful prom transportation vehicles!


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What is the History of Prom?

Prom is such a special time for high school students: it's a great opportunity for classmates to join together outside of school hours and not have to think about any schoolwork. The next, and final, time one's class will be together is at graduation just a few short weeks after senior prom.

But do you know how this unique tradition started? At New Jersey Limo Bus, we have a few answers regarding the history of prom.

History of Prom: Back in the Day

Short for the word "promenade," the idea of prom was originally introduced in the 19th century when colleges across the US held co-ed banquets for the seniors. However, the younger high school population took hold of the culture and by the 1940's, high schools were in full blown prom mode.

High School Prom Today

These days it's all about having a night to remember with all your best friends! New Jersey Limo Bus is here to make sure your night is perfect by providing the best possible prom transportation services available in New Jersey.

Our elite prom vehicles range from smaller, 10 passenger limousines to massive, state-of-the-art 50 passenger party buses. Party buses are relatively new as far as prom transportation vehicles go, and they include a ton of luxury amenities such as bathrooms, VIP sections and LED lighting to keep you and your prom party entertained.

Think your group will have a good time in a party bus? Make it happen and contact NJ Limo Bus LLC today!

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Best Antique Cars for Weddings

When it comes to getting married, it's all about sticking to some kind of tradition. The white dress, the flowers... but what about the wedding transportation? Many couples will simply book a limousine for their wedding day, but there are other options out there!

Luxury vehicles are a great alternative for those couples who are looking for something a bit more unique but equally as glamorous. Here are a few of the most popular antique wedding cars.

  • Rolls Royce Austin PrincessThis vintage car from 1966 may look old school on the outside, but it's full of 21st century amenities on the inside. Enjoy plush red carpeting, white leather seating and wood trim. There's even a TV in this surprisingly spacious car.
  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Again dating back to the 1960's, this '64 Silver Cloud is one of the most popular antique wedding transportation vehicles. The tan leather seating, pearly white exterior and modernized amenities are bound to make your big day memorable.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom. The classic Hollywood style transportation vehicle, the Phantom is a four-door dream car that is glamorous and offers a smooth ride. Unlike the other two vehicles, the Phantom is a modern car that features reverse-hinged doors and a roomy interior.

Have a specific theme you're aiming to have for your wedding this season? Talk to the experts here at New Jersey LimoBus & Limousine and we can help you choose which luxury transportation vehicle is best for you and your loved one.

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10 Essential Prom Party Bus & Limo Rental Tips

It's finally prom season, but perhaps you and your group have waited until the last minute to book a party bus in New Jersey or New York. In your rush to secure the ultimate party bus to transport you and your friends throughout the night, don't forget these 10 commonly overlooked booking details.

  1. Check for Insurance & Permits. At NJ Limo Bus LLC, all of our drivers goes through rigorous safety courses and require a Class B driver's license to operate our party buses and limousines. However, don't assume other companies do this! Ask to see proof of insurance as well as permits.Sprinter Limobus Interior
  2. Request Booking Confirmation. Any professional party bus or limousine company should supply whoever ordered the limo with a confirmation notice that lists booking date/s, cost, type of party bus or limo, pick-up and drop-off locations and other crucial information.
  3. Understand the Cancellation Policy. We understand that plans change at the last minute, so it's best to be up front from the beginning and ask your limo rental company what their cancellation policy is. Ask about cancellation fees and how much notice you need to give the company in order to get a full refund.
  4. Ask About the Food Situation. NJ Limo Bus LLC works hard to keep our party buses and limousines clean, so it's always a good idea to ask whether or not the company allows you to bring your own food and beverages on board.
  5. Who Can Be DJ? All of our luxury limousines and party buses are equipped with luxury amenities including surround sound throughout. Our drivers can certainly provide you and your group with music, but why not take advantage of the iPod connectors we have?
  6. Set the Travel Routes. Please let any limousine company know what specific routes you would like to take; will there be stops along the way from Point A to Point B? It's good to discuss a tentative itinerary so we can plan accordingly.
  7. Understanding Pricing Policy. Each party bus rental company has their own fee process. No matter what the process is, ask about any additional costs such as fuel or beverage fees. For more specific information about NJ Limo Bus LLC's pricing, please contact us! We're very open and harbor no hidden fees.
  8. Assess the Party Bus Amenities. This is a crucial step and can often make or break a good prom transportation experience. Once you've chosen a reputable company to rent from, go ahead and stop by their location to personally inspect the vehicle. Be nosey! Check out to see if all TVs, lights, stereo systems and seats are all in mint condition and working appropriately.37-40 Person NJ Party Bus
  9. Explain the Details. For New Jersey or New York prom transportation, we're going to need a few more details about your night. Let our company know how many people will be in your group so we can find the perfect prom transportation vehicle for you. Tell us how long you'd like to rent for and whether or not we need to specially prepare the vehicle in any way.
  10. Don't Forget to Tip. All of our drivers work hard to get you and your friends to where you need to go, so keep in mind that it is customary to tip your wonderful driver 18-20% of the base price. Some limousine companies may add the tip automatically to the price, so don't hesitate to ask if the tip is included.

Do you have any other tips that prom goers should know about regarding renting a limousine or party bus? Share them on our Facebook page!

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Timeless Spring Wedding Ideas

spring wedding

Spring is finally here and that means wedding season has begun! Many couples opt for spring weddings because of the mild weather and the array of color pallets to choose from.

At NJ Limo Bus LLC, our experience has lent us the ability to know what spring wedding ideas are timeless and which ones are just a fleeting trend. For those looking for a classic spring wedding, we've got some great ideas.

  1. Pastel Hues. Using just a few delicate hues can set a fresh, spring tone to your wedding. Opt for pastel-colored flowers and a light-colored tablecloth to complete the look.
  2. Mirrored Centerpiece. A mirrored centerpiece is a timeless table arrangement for spring weddings. Place a flowered vase and a few candles on the mirror to create a beautiful yet simple display.
  3. Layered Cake with Flowers. Deciding on what the cake should look like always takes some time. Be sure to talk to your baker regarding what types of frosted flowers look best. You can even have the frosting flowers match those of your bouquet!
  4.  Outdoor Wedding. Spring allows for outdoor weddings. For those in New Jersey or NYC, you may also want to rent a party tent and a few space heaters just in case the weather turns sour. You can adorn your party tent with twinkle lights and flowering vines.
  5. Antique Wedding Cars. Time and time again, our clients ask for antique cars for their wedding. Cars such as the Rolls Royce Austin Princess in white are a great getaway car for newlyweds. Our professional driver can whisk you off to the airport as soon as the party breaks up.
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2016’s Best Prom Transportation Ideas

Springtime means prom season across the nation as high schoolers get ready to have a night to remember with their friends. There is a lot of coordination involved -- from making a dinner reservation, to pinpointing a meet-up point for pictures, and of course figuring out transportation.

One of the most popular forms of prom transportation in NJ is renting a limousine for the night. However, these days there are so many more options than just a simple limousine! Here are the five hottest prom transportation trends this year.

NJ Party Bus Interior

  1. Cadillac Escalade Limousine. The mother of all limos, the Cadillac Escalade super stretch limousine is bigger and boasts more features than a traditional 12 person limo. Seating 20 passengers, the super stretch limo boasts plush leather seating, hardwood flooring, LED lighting as well as a functional bar area for water and soft drinks.
  2. Party Bus. There's nothing to make a group of kids feel more on top of the world than when in a luxurious party bus rented from a reputable company such as NJ Limo Bus LLC. Seating up to fifty passengers, your kids will enjoy interior granite accents, plasma TVs, an iPod connector, a VIP section and even a bathroom. The group may never even want to leave the party bus all night!
  3. Luxury Cars. Don't have a big group and just want to arrive in style with your date? Renting an exotic luxury car is another great option that is starting to gain popularity this year. Choose from a Rolls Royce Phantom, Austin Princess or even a Silver Cloud from NJ Limo Bus. You'll be sure to turn heads when you arrive at the front door of the prom venue.
  4. Coach Buses. Yes -- we aren't kidding! Although very rarely do these get rented out for prom purposes, they are available for large groups. For those who want to have the ultimate senior prom night, we recommend renting a coach bus to pick up all your passengers and their overnight bags. After prom ends, we'll shuttle the group off to a hotel destination of your choosing in the NJ or NYC area.
  5. Your Dad's Car. Sometimes kids just want to keep it simple and borrow their parent's car to drive to prom. This can save money in the long run and allows you to leave whenever you want. However, you'll have to worry about directions and traffic.

Not sure on what type of NJ prom transportation you need this year? Give us a call and based on the number of people in your group and your prom night plans, we can easily recommend a few great options.

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Why Rent a Party Bus for Prom

NJ Party Bus Interior

Luxury limousines are a great way to make the night memorable and romantic, but what do you rent when you want to celebrate and party all night in New Jersey? A party bus! These spacious vehicles have enough room for even the largest of prom parties -- many able to carry up to 50 passengers. Here are five great reasons to opt for a party bus for prom this spring.

  1. All the bells and whistles. Impress your friends by renting a NJ party bus that comes equipped with plasma TVs, coolers, LED lighting, surround sound speakers with iPod hookups, hardwood flooring for your dance offs and more.
  2. Gives the parents a break. No need to worry your parents about driving you and your friends to and from prom. Choosing a party bus is a great way to ensure that everyone will reach their destination safely. Our professional drivers are certified in driving these party buses -- and we know the tri-state area well!
  3. Better value. The bigger the bus, the bigger the party, the smaller the per-person payment. Party buses really are a great deal as long as you can find the proper amount of people to fill the space. Many professional limo companies will also include prom packages which feature VIP services and more. Split the rate and the price doesn't seem so bad.
  4. A great pre or post prom idea. Many people just think of transportation as a means to go from Point A to Point B, but why not enjoy the journey while you're at it? Party buses are a way for you and your friends to sit back, relax, and socialize before being crammed into the prom venue where talking is made difficult. Afterwards, you can go anywhere you want around town!
  5. Door-to-door service. Again, give the parents a break and don't make them have to pick you up once prom is over. Our drivers will go around and pick everyone up at their homes or will meet you and the rest of your party at a meet-up destination for pictures. After the dance, we'll drop each person off to their desired destination.

Not convinced you need a party bus for prom this year? No worries! NJ Limo Bus has an entire fleet of vehicles to choose from -- from luxury cars, limousines and even coach buses. Contact us today because although our fleet is extensive, it is limited!

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What Your Business is Missing

Want your company to look it's best when heading to a meeting or corporate event? Choosing executive limousine service will help you raise the bar. It's always an important aspect of any company to treat your executives well.

Don't let your executive staff catch a taxi from the airport to their hotel or the office. That wastes too much time and money and often isn't a reliable means of transportation in bad weather conditions -- especially in New Jersey or New York City. With NJ Limo Bus, companies don't have to make the investment to purchase a company car, but instead rent a luxury car or SUV whenever the occasion calls for one.

Not purchasing a company car will save your company a lot of liability issues as well. What do you do if something happens en route to the destination? Don't be held accountable. Trust in professional executive transportation services from NJ Limo Bus to get your executives safely to their meeting. Our drivers know how to maneuver their way around busy city streets.

Did we mention that your executives are missing out on being pampered? Some executive transportation services in NJ don't provide the most thorough care for their passengers. At NJ Limo Bus, every passenger is greeted with bottled water, glasses, high-tech gear good enough to conduct a presentation, and more.

Contact us today to find out which type of luxury transportation car best works for your company's needs!

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Executive Transportation & Why You Need It

Businesses looking to make a lasting impression should always be opting for executive transportation. Transporting your executives through the streets or NYC or New Jersey is the best way to travel from one meeting to the next. Thinking that a simply taxi ride will do the trick? Think again and consider why you need executive transportation in the form of a luxury car or SUV.

Be Presentable. Having a limousine or Cadillac SUV roll up to the office for a meeting will look way more professional than a yellow cab puttering into the driveway. Your executives are some of the most important people in the company, so why not treat them that way? They will make a good impression on other company representatives, clients, or prospective investors.

Save Time. Save yourself some time with executive transportation in NJ or NYC. Navigating the streets in either metropolitan area is a nightmare due to traffic, but for executives who aren't familiar with the area it's even more daunting trying to get from the hotel to the office. New Jersey LimoBus & Limousine has experienced drivers that can get you to where you need to go in the shortest amount of time. So sit back, relax and prepare for your meeting while we navigate the streets.

More Convenient. All of New Jersey LimoBus & Limousine's luxury vehicles come equipped with everything you need to prepare yourself for your meeting or trip. Need to add some finishing touches to your PowerPoint presentation? We've got you covered. Need to make a phone call? No problem. Executive transportation is all about making a business trip easier for you inside and outside the office. Many businesses will also use this limo transportation service for after work activities such as dinner or drinks.

No matter what your need for executive transportation is, we will always be sure to fit you and your guests with the best possible luxury vehicle we have to offer. We provide transportation for small groups, large groups and everything in between. Contact us today!

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Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Sweetheart

February 14th: The most romantic day of the year -- And it's approaching quickly! We Americans spend a pretty penny buying gifts for our significant others. According to Statistic Brain, the average annual spending for Valentine's Day is a whopping $13.19 billion. The majority of which is going towards tangible objects such as candy, lowers, jewelry and cards.

So if we're going to be spending that much for a holiday, perhaps you'll want to spend it on an experience rather than an on an object. Here are some clever -- and still romantic -- ideas for February 14th that don't involve the usual flowers and cheap box of chocolates.

Cupcake Tour of New York. Hop in a luxury car such as a Rolls Royce Austin Princess and take your sweetheart into downtown Manhattan for the popular Cupcake Tour of New York. The two hour tour heads to some of the best cupcakeries the City has to offer. Have our professional driver drop you off at the beginning of the tour and pick you up at the ending destination.

Wine Tour in New Jersey. Don't feel like dealing with the throngs of people in NYC this year? Stay closer to home and rent a limousine to take you to a winery in New Jersey. There are plenty to choose from and all offer their own unique themes and flavors. Grab a few other couples and make it a party. No need to worry about assigning a designated driver this time.

Romantic Candlelight Dinner. You can keep it old school if that's what you and your sweetheart are into. Northern New Jersey has some great dining spots and NJ Limo Bus LLC has more than a few restaurant suggestions for February 14th. Be sure to make a reservation well in advance and our limo driver will be there to give you door to door service.

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