Why Rent a Party Bus for Prom

NJ Party Bus Interior

Luxury limousines are a great way to make the night memorable and romantic, but what do you rent when you want to celebrate and party all night in New Jersey? A party bus! These spacious vehicles have enough room for even the largest of prom parties -- many able to carry up to 50 passengers. Here are five great reasons to opt for a party bus for prom this spring.

  1. All the bells and whistles. Impress your friends by renting a NJ party bus that comes equipped with plasma TVs, coolers, LED lighting, surround sound speakers with iPod hookups, hardwood flooring for your dance offs and more.
  2. Gives the parents a break. No need to worry your parents about driving you and your friends to and from prom. Choosing a party bus is a great way to ensure that everyone will reach their destination safely. Our professional drivers are certified in driving these party buses -- and we know the tri-state area well!
  3. Better value. The bigger the bus, the bigger the party, the smaller the per-person payment. Party buses really are a great deal as long as you can find the proper amount of people to fill the space. Many professional limo companies will also include prom packages which feature VIP services and more. Split the rate and the price doesn't seem so bad.
  4. A great pre or post prom idea. Many people just think of transportation as a means to go from Point A to Point B, but why not enjoy the journey while you're at it? Party buses are a way for you and your friends to sit back, relax, and socialize before being crammed into the prom venue where talking is made difficult. Afterwards, you can go anywhere you want around town!
  5. Door-to-door service. Again, give the parents a break and don't make them have to pick you up once prom is over. Our drivers will go around and pick everyone up at their homes or will meet you and the rest of your party at a meet-up destination for pictures. After the dance, we'll drop each person off to their desired destination.

Not convinced you need a party bus for prom this year? No worries! NJ Limo Bus has an entire fleet of vehicles to choose from -- from luxury cars, limousines and even coach buses. Contact us today because although our fleet is extensive, it is limited!

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