Wedding Planning

We understand the excitement of planning your wedding, but we get that wedding planning isn't always smooth sailing. There are a lot of details to keep in mind, so we've gathered a few tips and tricks that are most important when you are at the beginning stages of your wedding planning.

Wedding Planning Tips:

1: FOLLOW YOUR OWN STYLE: As a luxury transportation provider of limobuses, limousines, and elegant cars, New Jersey LimoBus & Limousine provides individualized and customized service to make your wedding day a truly distinctive event. Whether you choose a sole limobus to transport your bridal party or a combination of vehicles (such as a Rolls Royce followed by the limobus), an excellent transportation provider should listen to your preferences and suit your taste—as this is your day!!

2: BE MINDFUL OF WHAT IS PRACTICAL: A horse-drawn carriage may seem like a romantic idea until you have to negotiate Route 46 on your wedding day or are forced to set aside an extra hour an a half to travel the 12 miles between the Church and the reception site. A convertible may also seem whimsical until the bride’s up-do ends up looking like Marge Simpson after the windy car ride. You may also, however, favor a larger vehicle, such as a limobus, because your bridal party may enjoy being all together on the way from the ceremony to the reception, or because of the spacious headroom. The pros and cons of each type of transport service should be discussed with your luxury transportation provider, and you can make a choice that is practical and elegant.

3: BE MINDFUL OF HOLIDAYS: In choosing your wedding date, it is important to consider if your wedding will occur on a holiday weekend. Extra time should perhaps be set aside for any highway travel on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. Wedding dates that fall within prom season (April through June) can be booked in advance to avoid conflicts.

4. READ THE FINE PRINT: Any reliable and quality limo provider should explain all the terms of service to prospective clients, and provide you with a written contract. Your luxury transportation provider should set aside time to meet with you individually, show you the vehicles that you are interested in, and answer all relevant questions. Your wedding day should be a memorable and magnificent day, with as little worries as possible. Selecting a luxury transportation provider that is trusted, punctual, experienced, and client-centered is certainly beneficial.

New Jersey LimoBus & Limousine, a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, provides luxury transportation services with our fleet of limobuses, limousines, and elegant cars. Call us at 1-877-LIMOBUS to arrange an appointment to view our vehicles and to discuss our three and four hour wedding packages.

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