What is the History of Prom?

Prom is such a special time for high school students: it's a great opportunity for classmates to join together outside of school hours and not have to think about any schoolwork. The next, and final, time one's class will be together is at graduation just a few short weeks after senior prom.

But do you know how this unique tradition started? At New Jersey Limo Bus, we have a few answers regarding the history of prom.

History of Prom: Back in the Day

Short for the word "promenade," the idea of prom was originally introduced in the 19th century when colleges across the US held co-ed banquets for the seniors. However, the younger high school population took hold of the culture and by the 1940's, high schools were in full blown prom mode.

High School Prom Today

These days it's all about having a night to remember with all your best friends! New Jersey Limo Bus is here to make sure your night is perfect by providing the best possible prom transportation services available in New Jersey.

Our elite prom vehicles range from smaller, 10 passenger limousines to massive, state-of-the-art 50 passenger party buses. Party buses are relatively new as far as prom transportation vehicles go, and they include a ton of luxury amenities such as bathrooms, VIP sections and LED lighting to keep you and your prom party entertained.

Think your group will have a good time in a party bus? Make it happen and contact NJ Limo Bus LLC today!

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