Timeless Spring Wedding Ideas

spring wedding

Spring is finally here and that means wedding season has begun! Many couples opt for spring weddings because of the mild weather and the array of color pallets to choose from.

At NJ Limo Bus LLC, our experience has lent us the ability to know what spring wedding ideas are timeless and which ones are just a fleeting trend. For those looking for a classic spring wedding, we've got some great ideas.

  1. Pastel Hues. Using just a few delicate hues can set a fresh, spring tone to your wedding. Opt for pastel-colored flowers and a light-colored tablecloth to complete the look.
  2. Mirrored Centerpiece. A mirrored centerpiece is a timeless table arrangement for spring weddings. Place a flowered vase and a few candles on the mirror to create a beautiful yet simple display.
  3. Layered Cake with Flowers. Deciding on what the cake should look like always takes some time. Be sure to talk to your baker regarding what types of frosted flowers look best. You can even have the frosting flowers match those of your bouquet!
  4.  Outdoor Wedding. Spring allows for outdoor weddings. For those in New Jersey or NYC, you may also want to rent a party tent and a few space heaters just in case the weather turns sour. You can adorn your party tent with twinkle lights and flowering vines.
  5. Antique Wedding Cars. Time and time again, our clients ask for antique cars for their wedding. Cars such as the Rolls Royce Austin Princess in white are a great getaway car for newlyweds. Our professional driver can whisk you off to the airport as soon as the party breaks up.
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