The Best Party Bus Ideas for New Years Eve

Did you know that an estimated 1 billion people watch the iconic New Years Eve ball drop in Times Square, NYC? Perhaps it's time that you don't count yourself as one of those billion people sitting in front of the TV this year. Don't leave a New Years resolution for January 1st. Instead, resolve to rent a party bus and head out into town on December 31st with all your friends!


Cruise Around Town. You don't necessarily need a destination when you rent a party bus. Let one of NJ Limo Bus' professional drivers pick up you and your friends and cruise around your home town and surrounding areas. Forget about where you're going; 2016 is a new adventure, and so should your party bus ride be as well.

Bar Hop. It's always fun to go out drinking at the bars. Why not gather up a big group and go bar hopping in style with a party bus? No need to cram into a small taxi or have a designated driver. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that a higher percentage (42%) of traffic deaths on New Years Eve were due to drunk driving. By renting a party bus, you are going your community a great favor by staying off the roads while under the influence.

Romantic Dinner. Just looking to head out to a nice dinner with your significant other? Renting a limousine or luxury car is a great way to make the night special this year. Want the evening to be a bit more lively? Call up your friends or family and have everyone bring their significant others for a group dinner date. Our party buses are equipped with coolers and bubbly -- so you'll have happy hour while on the road to your dinner destination.

Concerts or Plays. NJ Limo Bus prides itself in serving customers in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York City. Do you have tickets to see a Broadway play or a concert at Madison Square Garden? Make the night even more memorable by renting a party bus. We'll gather up your gang and make sure you arrive promptly to the venue.

Outdoor Activities. According to a poll regarding New Years resolutions, the number one resolution for Americans is to lose weight -- so why not ring in the New Year by doing something active? Have one of our professional drivers take you and your family to your favorite ice skating rink or ski slope. No worries about being to tired to drive yourself home when you've rented with NJ Limo Bus.

There's still time to reserve a party bus or limousine! Call us now at 877-LIMO-BUS or visit our website.

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