Best Antique Cars for Weddings

When it comes to getting married, it's all about sticking to some kind of tradition. The white dress, the flowers... but what about the wedding transportation? Many couples will simply book a limousine for their wedding day, but there are other options out there!

Luxury vehicles are a great alternative for those couples who are looking for something a bit more unique but equally as glamorous. Here are a few of the most popular antique wedding cars.

  • Rolls Royce Austin PrincessThis vintage car from 1966 may look old school on the outside, but it's full of 21st century amenities on the inside. Enjoy plush red carpeting, white leather seating and wood trim. There's even a TV in this surprisingly spacious car.
  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Again dating back to the 1960's, this '64 Silver Cloud is one of the most popular antique wedding transportation vehicles. The tan leather seating, pearly white exterior and modernized amenities are bound to make your big day memorable.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom. The classic Hollywood style transportation vehicle, the Phantom is a four-door dream car that is glamorous and offers a smooth ride. Unlike the other two vehicles, the Phantom is a modern car that features reverse-hinged doors and a roomy interior.

Have a specific theme you're aiming to have for your wedding this season? Talk to the experts here at New Jersey LimoBus & Limousine and we can help you choose which luxury transportation vehicle is best for you and your loved one.

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